Vauxhall "The missing link"


Team: studio 'dragora, Tommaso Colombo Leoni

Description: Vauxhall’s railway is like a spine of the district. All the connections between the buildings, the pubs, the green areas and the river develop through the railway underpasses and arches. Although, even if at the moment the railway is visibile and obviously characterises the Vauxhall's district, it looks more like an obstacle then a distinctive positive element: the arches are quite dark, they don't look safe, the East front of the railway wall is less noble than the West one.The project suggests the evaluation of the presence of the railway, using it like a connective element: the railway like the spinal column of Vauxhall. As the vertebral column supports the human body, the railway is the element that holds and connects every portion toghether.Our purpose is to increase the value of the railway through focused and targeted measures, taking inspiration from the anatomy of the spine: - railways underpasses, plates and platform on the railway are evaluated and underlined like vertebras of our spine; - pedestrian walkways on the river and through the railway are like green nerves or veins; - floor, materials, colours are like connective tissues; - social places, parks, viewpoints are like organs connected to the spine.The concept analyzes different themes, which are graphically explained in the following pages of this document. These elements are the green lines, the railway gates, the plates and platform along the railway, the pier, the evaluation of Vauxhall's Cross, the open air theathre, the outdoor art galleries, the pocket gardens and the landmarks, the botanic selection planning.

green selection

project board

example of focus on railway underpasses